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Mixing is a fine process between science and art, transforming your performance into the best sounding possible music. We aim for an natural, powerful and dynamic sounding mix that will embellish your music.

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Please read this checklist on good practices before recording your music: click here to read the checklist.


This is the last step before your music can be heard by your audience. We will create a powerful master that will translate well on all listening systems.

When sending music to be mastered, please remove any processing on your master bus and leave an good amount of headroom to allow processing.


Editing is part of the mix preparation. We make sure the tracks are clean and the timing is perfect. The mix process can then focus on the music and really bring out the best of it. The end mix will also sound more professionnal.

  • Tightening the performance
  • Cutting bleed on shells tracks
  • Creating MIDI of the shell tracks for sample reinforcement

Drum programming

Robotic drum programming can kill your music (unless it's what you're going for). We can program natural and humanized drums to any rock or metal genre.

We aim for a realistic drum programming that will bring the necessary foundation to your compositions.